Jul 29, 2013

richard rogers was a bad student at the AA. Evidence!

"As architects we have a responsibility to society" - Richard Rogers
Rogers' report card from the Architectural Association School of Architecture
"Rogers' late entry into the 4th Year was not successful," reads the report. "He has a genuine interest in and a feeling for architecture, but sorely lacks the intellectual equipment to translate these feelings into sound building."
The report continues: "His designs will continue to suffer while his drawing is so bad, his method of work so chaotic and his critical judgement so inarticulate."
"I was an appalling student, all my life," admits Rogers, who was later diagnosed as suffering from dyslexia. "In fact, I enjoyed myself much more in the last third of my life than I did in my first third."
"Everybody said I was stupid and then I found out that actually I had learning difficulties. So those gave me a lot of problems for the first thirty years. But the last 30 years of my life have been fantastic."

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