Feb 14, 2013

Jacques LESEC & Christopher MARTIN

Transient Threshold

Jacques LESEC & Christopher MARTIN: The Transient Threshold project focuses on the collection, storage, and distribution of condensation that occurs during shifts in the ambient air temperature. A composite system is developed using flexible silicone sheets that are infused with structural filaments to expand surfaces for the accumulation of condensation. These surfaces contract and enclose water within a permeable enclosure.
Macro and micro porosity are used in the interest of maximizing water circulation for the cultivation of the synthetic vivarium. A parallel function that these units perform is their active participation in the indexing of microclimates found within Los Angeles’ various ecologies. Sensors imbedded within the assemblages collect data about humidity and temperature that contributes to a digital network stretching across the city. In conjunction with cultivating awareness about the fluctuation in water levels in the region, the site provides a dynamic interface for the public. The performance of these units pose interesting implications that call into question our conventional understanding of threshold. The circulation of water from the vessels, located on the exterior of a building envelope to the bio capsules found on the interior, effectively blurs the line between elements inside and outside.

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