Sep 10, 2012

Theverymany Atelier CALDER

12 Atelier CALDER

DAW / Double Agent White | Atelier Calder | Sache, France | July 7-8th 2012
Double Agent White functions to achieve a maximum degree of morphological freedom, structural continuity, visual interplay, and logistical efficiency within a minimum degree of components, and performative hierarchies. It is composed from the amalgamated intersection of 9 spheres of unique radii forming one continuous surface. The sphere primitive defines continuous double curvature across the piece for material rigidity while simultaneously allowing for larger decomposable units able to be optimally nested for efficient storage. The surface condition is composed of two parallel yet divergent sets of distributed agents. The first, a controlled macro set is describing the overall geometry into the minimum number of developable elements able to be cut within the constraints of flat sheets of aluminum. The second, higher resolution, more schizophrenic and expressive set is detailing aperture as ornament. The former informing the latter. Bound within the logic of assembly mobility, and spatial nuance, Double Agent White coheres myriad formal and technical constraints into an immersive environmental whole.
Project produced as part of a residency at the Atelier Calder
April 16th – July 20th 2012
Co-production:  Atelier Calder / FRAC Centre
Many thanks for their support to:
- Alfred Pacquement (President Atelier Calder / Director of the Musée National d’Art Moderne, Centre POMPIDOU)
- Marie Ange Brayer (Director FRAC Centre)
Un travail sur la plus petite unitee architecturale: la chambre, son volume, sa limite…
Agents, agents, agents… while within academia & the students body many are currently arguing about the potential of such a terminology… yet no one has ever build using such distributed system of simple encapsulated behaviors… or rather no one was ever in NEED of such a system to actually build… This project – produced at the Atelier Calder – is the sixth one in a series of prototypical architectures(Centre Pompidou, FRAC Centre, Art Basel Miami,…) using parallel agents systems (orObjects Oriented computing) to produce developable parts for fabrication of double curved surfaces. Double Agent White / DAW* (*temporary title) is the very first of a new series of fabricated project to investigate a double agent system : here a primary descriptive system of Agents/Objects is used as support of secondary one leaving traces for its ornamentation/aperture…
As usual will most probably learn from it and hopefully derivate a new project… to be continued


Assembly 120703
photo courtesy Guillaume Blanc / Atelier Calder
Assembly 120702
Assembly 120701
Assembly 120628
Assembly 120627
Assembly 120626
- single layer to reduce number of connections and dramatically reduce assembly time
- spheroids of incremental radius size able to stack in order to respond to issues of storage
- pattern within pattern to reduce number of parts and address assembly time
- the definition of a basic room by its envelope : space partition as structure
Key words: Marc Fornes, THEVERYMANY, Atelier Calder, FRAC Centre, Centre Pompidou, art, architecture, computational, scripting, python, rhino, digital fabrication, CNC, aluminum, prototype, installation, masse customization, complexe geometry, morphologie, agent based system, agency

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