Nov 9, 2011


STORAGE WALLS by Japanese Architects

from here on LIKEIDEAS thank you!

First Project is called ' Shelf Pod' by Kazuya Morita Architecture Studio in OSAKA, Japan - Done in 2007 - Its
quite small with a total area of 51.78 square meter and was designed to showcase the owner's
vast collection of books. 

and a section of the 'pod '

Second one is a narrow gate house ( main house in the back ) between 2 properties by Mount Fuji Architects in Tokyo, the project finished early in 2010 ( love the plan ), with a total floor area of 75.30m2, and is a 
wood frame structure.\

a section going through the main house on the left
and the gate house on the right

And lastly, this project is also by Mount Fuji architects in Tokyo, ( september 2010)  but with a great centre space / space making element - tree inspired central pillar system. as the roof curves up around the pillar, the floor responds via terracing and therefore the  interior is actually divided into 4 different spaces. 
The geometries of the-tree structure roof is extended into different elements of the house - 
such as storage walls, the house is small - 80.45 m2 

light coming into the space from the end of the spiraled roof

Found all three these different stories on DEZEEN 

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