Oct 16, 2011

mcbride charles ryan: penleigh and essendon grammar school - junior boys building

'penleigh and essendon grammar school' by mcbride charles ryan in victoria, australia
all images courtesy mcbride charles ryan

australian architects mcbride charles ryan have just completed the 'junior boys building at
penleigh and essendon grammar school', a two-storey educational facility in victoria, australia.
located adjacent to a residential street, the design features a very discernible silhouette of
a typical australian heritage home, referencing the local structural typology of the site.

(left) east facade
(right) west facade

blocked out in black brickwork, the east facade is characterized by multiple peaks of varying heights.
the overall form of the school is extruded from this outline and terminates at a low angle slope on
the opposite side of the lot which opens up to an outdoor area for the students. the facade treatment
of the main entrance employs a noticeably different effect of stripes and colours, a language that
continues into the interior flooring.

main entrance and outdoor area


street view

contrary to the blunt angles of the exterior, the ceiling is formed in a continuous,
cloud-like surface. shaping the hallway as well as the classrooms, the resulting effect is
a playful sculpting of the interior space.


(left) classroom
(right) circulation

working room

classroom on ground level

exterior profile

site and floor plan / level 0

floor plan / level +1

cross section

south elevation

north elevation

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