Jun 21, 2011

Construction Workshop II// The Frankstein Strategy & The Catastrophe

In Construction Workshop II, we have done a very particular project. Basing on the ideas of Nassim Nicholas Taleb on "The Black Swan". The book of Taled is based on the idea that the things that we don't have into account have repercusion in the things that we do, "the catastrophe of the highly improbable".
The first part of the exercise consisted in take an object and exposed it to the catastrophe, change its material and structure, and solve the problems that this triggers.

I began with a puffer fish, and I decided to make it of concrete, with a steel structure.

The second part of the project was the Frankstein Strategy. It consisted in add different objects to the concrete pufferfish for having a frankstein at the end.
The first element that I added it was a helmet, then, the binoculars and, as last object, the wings of a dragonfly. Creating at the end a FLEXIBLE PROTECTIVE TRANSPARENT FLYING FRANKSTEIN.

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