Apr 28, 2011

Hello Mongol (HM VER 1.0; ABSORBING GER) / Seoul Manifesto

diagram 01: adopting acordian system to get mobility

Seoul Manifesto, a group of young architects in , , are known for designing projects with the objective of making structures with better social responsibility. In their project, Hello Mongol / HM VER 1.0 / ABSORBING GER, their goal is to make a mobile structure which can achieve two different goals, making an alternative residence for desertification of Mongol and stirring up the public’s attention for the problem.

diagram 02: planting cup

Desertification of Mongol resulted in a critical deficiency of living space of Mongol. Absorbing Ger is designed to solve this problem by combining functional and morphological specificity of Mongol’s Ger and possibility of ’s throwaway waste.

diagram 03: conserving environmental system of ger

The disposable coffee cups, which are discharged in , will be used as (1) a structural component of the Ger, (2) a pot for the planting activities, (3) a buffering apparatus for sand storms and (4) a set of environmental equipment for residents.

Architects: Seoul Manifesto (Lee Donguk, Noh Hyunjeong, Lee Jungwoo, Choi Jaesuk)
Location: Hongdae Parking Street, ,
Sponsored by: SBS Hope TV

in: www.archdaily.com

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