Feb 25, 2011

Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center

"Santiago lacks the grandeur of other Latin American capital cities and Chilean architects often complain that they hardly ever get to implement large scale interventions. So when the ministry of Public Works launched a competition to rebuild a cultural centre that had been partly destroyed by fire, Cristian Fernandez Arquitectos and Lateral Arquitectura & Diseno seized their chance. Their winning design for the new Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral brings the cultural functions loudly and clearly to the attention of the inhabitants."

"A 160-m-long roof construction and a striking façade made of perforated Corten steel make the building on the Libertador Bernardo O'Higgens Boulevard an urban gesture that is hard to ignore. It contains a documentation centre for music and rehearsal spaces for music and dance. An auditorium seating 2000 people will be added later. By dividing the programme at street level into three separate volumes, pedestrians can approach the cultural centre from different directions. The added value of the design comes from the external spaces between the various programme components. The great heigh and the colourful glass art in the roof make these in-between spaces function as luxurious covered plazas."

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