Dec 21, 2010

rapid manufactured textiles

Rapid Manufactured textiles?
Categories: work in progress
Laura Martinez
How can traditional textile craft practice inform Rapid Manufacturing visual language and help define the aesthetics of tomorrows Rapid Manufactured textiles?

Rapid Manufacturing (RM) technologies are revolutionizing traditional manufacturing since they allow for the creation of complex shapes in ways that would be inefficient or even impossible to produce with traditional manufacturing processes, which are generally based on subtractive techniques. Consequently most of the work being done with RM techniques is inspired by these new structural possibilities resulting in a uniform aesthetic.
The aim of this project is to explore the yet undefined space where traditional textiles and RM technologies are combined, using traditional textiles craft techniques to introduce a new visual language and soften the digital aesthetic of current RM surfaces.
RM technologies for textiles still need to develop and overcome current limitations, but until these technologies are fully refined, it is the job of the textile designer to bring in the sensibility and emotional value of traditional textiles to help define a new visual language for future RM textiles.

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