Nov 11, 2010

a prefabricated movie theatre

Ca va (a prefabricated movie theatre) by Berger&Berger

Customer : Théâtre Dijon Bourgogne
Dimension : 95 m
Audience : 80 
Creative collaborator : Cyrille Berger
Ça va (a prefabricated movie theater) is the creation of a unique space dedicated to the meeting of a film and its audience.
This is done using a concept where one envelope is placed within another.

Such an unprecedented environment is created by first selecting the minimum necessary volume in which one may compose
a geometric configuration of entirely triangular forms.

This is done so as to better explore new possibilities in audience attention span, listening and visibility.

The pre-established rule for the arrangement is to avoid putting two partitions parallel to each other. Each wall has its own geographic dynamic, and breaks from traditionally horizontal
and vertical architecture.

To complete the exclusive relationship between this room and the film being screened, the “set” in every one of the film’s scenes
is presented here in photographic form.

By putting into action this conceptual apparatus, the space
in question attempts to simultaneously question architectural models of representation : the movie and theater auditorium,
and the museum gallery.

The space sketches out an ulterior behavioral relationship
to the public, and offers itself as a new “expedition” in our relationship to art.

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