Nov 24, 2010

Lights and sounds

In The Resistance Tour, concert tour by the English band Muse, the staging included big screens where they projected images of interior parts of buildings and people moving inside them, interacting with the songs that they were playing.
Also the stages that they made had very geometrical shapes that made them have a big importance in the show.

This is the stage that they made in the Vicente Calderón Stadium, in Madrid.
It created an strange sense pf perspective because of its rectangular shape, and it contrasted with the rounded shape of the stadium, creating an incredible stage that was like caming out of the stadium.

Here are some links to videos of the concerts but they are not in very good quality:
Muse. Madrid 28.11.2009
Muse-Resistance (video Clip)

Muse. Madrid 28.11.2009 from Emeral Isle, on Vimeo.
Muse-Resistance (vieo Clip) form Sevenchappels, on Youtube.

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