Nov 5, 2010

judgement of a student

"The drawings and models, technical and strategic studies, communicate with unusual clarity, both information and atmosphere. The proposition is intelligent, careful, concise and original. The aspiration to expose but not exploit, to reveal but not ruin, and to inspire but not impose is evident in the work. It seems a beautiful response to the complexity of Napoli: two cities stacked one upon the other." Jeanne Sillett
An Opening into Voids: (re)connecting Napoli and its Other
This project is an exploration into the caverns of Naples. This vast network of caverns, which has formed through human inhabitation of the land over at least the last five millennia and which has come to extend beyond the perimeter of the city, is unique in its extent and diversity. The network of voids now underlies vast sections of the city, sometimes out scaling the built forms above and yet is largely abandoned, neglected or even forgotten. These are spaces of disorientation, wonder and curiosity, where time is frozen and the nature of positive and negative space is questioned........

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